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Typically Charou

We charous do alot of things that are unique to us . Our dressing , our way of talking . Our food . For example a meal for a vetto will consist of A Macdonalds burger some chips on the side and a coke . But we charous would prefer some thitha mutton curry and roti OR sugar beans and roti .MMMMMMmmmm...Lucker Chow!

We charous have our dressing . We will use our Pringle and Pointer shirts and have our flat tops . We have our boxers underneath our Le-Vi's jeans and a facecloth and gonie in our back pocket

We love our Voora's and our M3's .No crappy Holden's or shit like that .We go to the Dragz every Saturday or Friday night checkin out the 17 inch rims and cabs . Hearing the growl of an M3 or the roar of a VW Jetta ( Love dem Vooras) / Golf ( Especially the Gti's )

Our accent is unlike any other in the world . We speak english , but very different from these vettoes . That is the reason people have a hard time understanding me , here in Australia . Bugger them , I like my accent and I am gonna keep it!

We charous have a lot of respect for adults , mainly our Mother and Father. No matter what we think of an adult we respect and obey them . The biggest insult that u can tell a charou is to swear his mother . If you do , consider yourself dead.

When we fight , we don't put or hands up and stand in a fighting stance .Seems funny but we normally open up with a slap. We just go wild . Also theres freeshots.A patented charou move.Once the ou is on the ground his prime for the taking.All you will be able to see is a swinging of hands and legs .

Another thing about us indians is that we have thick bras{ friends} . And we stand for our bras . If one of our friends get into a speech then we stand for them . If they touch him they touch us.

On get togethers we play darts and a game called Thunee . Thunee is a very complex game and you need to use logic . Many fights have been over the game Thunee . This is because of the 4-ball rule . If a person cheats then he gets "4-balled" meaning he loses 4 games .

The tradition of hiding and smoking has been a long one { this doesn't mean I smoke }. I no my father did it{ hid and smoked } , his father did it and so on and so on . The same applies with drinking .There is always a family member who will supply you with dop in a quite style { this also doesn't mean I drink }

Another thing that is typically charou are the taxis . Each taxi has its own competition with the next taxi . The things they compete against are the looks of the taxi , and more importantly the sound . In Chatsworth you no if a taxi is coming if the windows are vibrating . The taxis are extremely loud in South Africa.Subwoofers are now unfortunately banned in taxis. Taxis are an important part of charou life though . These are the top taxi's when I left S.A.

1} Chicano's

2} Chuckie

3} Tiffany

4} Childsplay 2

5} The Senator

Well there you have it . Everything Typically Charou

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To My Bra Greshan Who Passed Away On 14/02/04. Rest In Peace. Thinking Of You Forever Bra .

~ R.I.P. - GRESHAN ~





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