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My Hometown Chatsworth

Chatsworth is a place were around 1/2 of the indians in South Africa live . The other 1/2 live in another town called Phoenix .

If you want to see or experience any of the things talked about on this website then go to Chatsworth . Go to the middle of Chatsworth and you will hear the slangs , see the fights and have some dops .

I grew up in Chatsworth and that is my heritage . A word of advice though . If you are going to go into Chatsworth never leave home without a gonie{knife} or gat{gun}.

Chatsworth is not like this pussy place called Sydney . Its hard and its poor . In Chatsworth you can look a man in the eye and tell if he is your enemy or your friend.

Damn , I miss Ol' Chassie



Phoenix is similar to Chatsworth . Whatever you find in Chatsworth you will find in Phoenix . There is a argument about which town has the most gangstas . I say Chatsworth because I am a Chatsworth 0 .

Hey I may be wrong.

Damn , I miss Phoenix too.

Coconut Grove { Lugz }

Coconut Grove , also known as the Lugz is in Durban and is the best place to just pak . Whether you want to smoke a zol , or just get pissed go to Coconut Grove . A peculiar thing actually formulated over the years . At exactly 12 midnight everyone would start there engines and rev them for 1 minute

Shit , I miss The Lugz

Chatsworth Centre

This is a shopping complex were all charous come to shop . It has many shops like Poppat Lall Cara { for saries } , C.N.A , Wimpy , Hub and Checkers . The most interesting thing about this place is the taxi rank . Taxi's face off there to see which is the loudest , best looking taxi . Bugger K Mart , Woolies and Big W .

I miss Chatsworth Centre

Vye Here ---->


Gateway is the biggest shopping complex in the Southern Hemisphere of South Africa . I beleive Gateway was a waste of time , money and effort . On a good day Gateway is not even 1/16 full . No one goes there because the prices are to high . Its actually just a place to park , not to spend your money . Most people from Umglhanga go to Gateway . Umghlanga is a place were there are mainly vettoes . What is special about Umglhanga is a very special type of indians .I will not classify all the indians in Umglhanga to be snobs because that is wrong . I know some lucker charous in Umglhanga.But the truth of the matter is MOST of the indians there are up-class , "holier then thou" snobs .  These are indians who are normally very rich and are not proud to be indian . They act like they are whites . They talk like whites , use white terms like " lets hang out " and "cool man " which really pisses me of . Be proud to be a charou .

I wish Gateway would just burn to the ground .

To My Bra Greshan Who Passed Away On 14/02/05 . Rest In Peace. Thinking Of You Forever Bra .

~ R.I.P. - GRESHAN ~



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